September 2, 2006 Wedding of Willie and Kim

Jerry SHOOTS again……and this time it’s on a very very very special day……! JERRY TURNs 30! Yup, it’sView full post »

September 2nd, 2006 Wedding of Juan and Claudia

This is another one my referral weddings. Juan is actually my wife’s friend’s boyfriend’s co-worker’s boss. I loveView full post »

August 19, 2006 Wedding of Chris & Carol

Chris and Carol is probably the couple who booked me most in advance! For their wedding on August this year, Chris came and booked me lastView full post »

2nd part for Chris & Carol's Wedding

Tasty Cake! First Dance…….what a moment 🙂 Okay….only in a ROOM FULL of doctors will you find a OB book usedView full post »

ok ok ok……

here I go again with the laziness……View full post »


I’m almost up to date with my wedding posts. Hopefully after I get all cought up, I can post some other stuff beside onlyView full post »

every post is slow……

I don’t think blogger is helping! It seems like every post I make takes forever to show up!!!UGH!!!View full post »

August 12, 2006 Wedding of Wayne & Lorriaine

Jerry, my brother, SHOOTS! While I was shooting Katie and Kelly’s wedding, Jerry was busy shooting this really warm and small weddingView full post »

August 12, 2006 Wedding of Katie and Kelly

Katie and Kelly’s wedding’s NOT a same sex wedding……just incase you’re wondering! Katie is super sweet andView full post »