Been away for too long…

Hello my blog readers, I know there are probably less and less of you guys “stalking” my BLOG since I haven’t updatedView full post »

CSULB & Seal Beach | Engagement Session | Jimelle & Dante

It’s been a long week for me, I’ve just been an editing machine for the past 3 days! Good thing I get a break from shootingView full post »

Laguna Beach & Disney Concert Hall | Engagement Session | Kim & Tony

Alright, as promised in the previous post here is the e-Session of Kim & Tony, their wedding is on October 27, 2007, I was alreadyView full post »

back to work! back to work!!!

I know I’ve been lagging on posting here for a while…..but oh are you guys going to be in for a treat! I’ve just finishedView full post »

Newport Beach Marriot Hotel & Spa | Wedding Photography | David & Sherry

Wedding of David & Sherry was one of the millions (ok, maybe thousands) of weddings that were held on this super lucky/popular/soughtView full post »

Back to work…

Ok, I’m back. Sorry for abandoning this blog for so long, been busy/lazy (depends on who you ask). On with the pretty pictures!View full post »

Such kind words…

Sorry, but I really have to share this with all of you. Linda, thanks so much for leaving such kind comments about my work, I feel I mustView full post »

The Reef Long Beach | Wedding Photography | Linda & Koon

Ok, as promised the wedding blogging continues 🙂 Linda and Koon may look familiar to some of you readers of my blog because I did aView full post »

yay, footage of me working!

Hey everyone, I promise there will be more weddings coming! I’ve been so busy shooting e-sessions that don’t really give me anyView full post »