San Gabriel Hilton & New Capital Seafood | Wedding Photography | Steve & MyLinh

Steve and MyLinh’s wedding was so cool to me partly because of how they met.  And all I have to say is what happens in Vegas certainly does NOT stay in Vegas (score for Steve)!  But if they didn’t disclose that bit of information I bet no one would have guesses that’s how they hooked up.  I think I got lazy previously (what a surprise…right) and skipped posting their e-session pictures on the blog because I tried to find the link and link it to this post but to my disappointment it doesn’t exist, but I’ll just blame it on the blog switch and say that somehow it got lost in the transition :).

Ok, back to the wedding at hand.  Steve got ready at the San Gabriel Hilton where they later had their wedding ceremony and I had the privilege to have the talented and long haired Kalen of Kalenology (or whatever name he decides on for his business…) shoot the guys while they got ready and departed to MyLinh’s home to do the tea ceremony.  When you scroll down, you will see a random picture of his bestman sticking his hand out the sunroof of the limo so let me explain this weird story for you folks and let it be a lesson to all of you who will be riding in limos.  While the limo was driving, the bestman decided that they wanted a bit more air coming in so he reached up to the sun/moon roof and adjusted it where the back tilted up.  But I guess the limo was driving a bit fast on the freeway and the wind caught the sun/moon roof and ripped it off the limo’s roof and came crashing down on the freeway behind them.  Luckily it was a Saturday morning so there wasn’t too many cars on the road so no other cars were involved, but as if this was not bizarre enough, when the limo drive realized what had happened, he knew exactly how much it would cost to replace that to the penny!  So it may be a setup to get a few more $$ out of the people from the sneaky limo company….?

San Gabriel Hilton
225 West Valley Boulevard
San Gabriel, CA 91776
(626) 270-2700

New Capital Seafood
140 West Valley Boulevard
San Gabriel, CA 91776
(626) 288-1899

Ya, did I just stray away from the wedding pictures again?  Sorry.

Go ahead and scroll down to see some of the pictures from this wedding.  I’ve gotta say that MyLinh looked super stunning and Steve was looking amazingly sharp as well so my best wishes to the good looking couple!  (uh…i can’t wait to finish your album guys…:))

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