Flash —- it's your friend :)

I gotta say, one of the things that I notice when I go to all the weddings, sorority formals, and other events I go to, there are always an abundance of people with their little point and shoot digital cameras and I’m always willing to help you get a shot with you and your friends with your cameras. I know many photographers hate the idea of someone else even having a camera at the event because that may take away from their sales, but for me, I think if someone with a little point an shoot is going to take a picture that is going to kick my pictures’ ass, um….I better step up my game! I, on the other hand, actually enjoy using all of your cameras. Since I’m a totally gadget geek, I love seeing what the people like to use and what they can do. So far, I still gotta give the best of the best (judging/viewing from the LCD) point and shoot to all of the little Canon cameras, they are responsive and most importantly they deliver excellent images (for their size).

But my point today isn’t to give Canon some extra kudos for making killer little digital cameras, but it’s to kinda educate you guys about using flash on your little digital cameras. From my last 8 or 10 weddings/events I’ve noticed a big trend of people using their digital point and shoot cameras. Probably about 70% of you for some odd reason loooooooove to shoot in very dim ballrooms with the flash setting to off. uh….why? Even if your little point and shot can shoot at 1600 ISO, the ending result will be ranging from a very blurry to somewhat blurry and very yellowy-orange and ugly shadows under everyone’s eyes and nose. This is easily taken care of if you geniuses out there just turn on the flash on your camera. I know if you turn on your flash, most likely you’ll end up with a pretty well lit people but the background would be dark. But in my somewhat knowledgeable opinion I’d say that beats a ugly yellow-orange blurry picture any day.

Questions? Ask away in the comment section. I’ll try to answer them there. Enjoy the free lesson 🙂

  • cheryl - hahaha u see, i’m this lil pro here! i never turn it off!!! (and in fact, did you realize that i had this little scotch tape stuck on the flash, so to make it less vivid?) yay!! i <3 b/w + flash

    btw, i work at this art photo gallery now, check it out ooibotos.com

    kinda nice huh??? visit me in hk. im heading to SH in sept yay! (for work)

    but yeah, have to thank YOU and lucky’s bridal… my cradle of photography hehe… yo!ReplyCancel

  • Henry Wang Photography - @Cheryl, I know you got mad skills! That’s actually a good idea, tape will diffuse the flash and make it less harsh!

    But…..”lucky’s bridal”……please…..Lucy’s Bridal! 🙂ReplyCancel

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