Wedding Photography | Henry & Fanny

YAY! two in a row! I’m on a roll with this blogging thing 🙂

This was a pretty last minute wedding that we got but couldn’t have had more fun at this wedding! The guys were such a cool group they were up for anything to help Henry (the groom, not me) get his bride! You’ve gotta see the pictures to believe it!

The guys with their ride and dignity still in tact!

Let the humiliation begin! What is that you got…red ruffle panty…fits your white tux perfectly!

wow, and as you can see, it gets worse (or better) from there!

oh yeah….they’re such good sports and look so great with their *new* hair!

um….uh…..they REALLY want to help Henry get his bride out of her room! ya, maybe I should have put a not above…….oops, too late now!

ok, after all that torture, Henry gets his girl 🙂

Ok, back to normal now…..some detail shots of the decoration at the groom’s home.

Cute couple Fanny and Henry!

Yeah, I heard these guys are real car guys…..just had to make a quick pit stop to check the pressure before they went on…….

check out that reflection….love pianos

we had a run-away-ring-barer situation in the middle of the ceremony!

The happy couple after their ceremony

somehow, they kept doing things to/in their pants…

They had such a good game planned….had the guests pitch in whatever bill they wanted and had a chance to get it back and then some later…..keep scrolling down to see…

Henry would pick out a card of one of the guests and they would have the chance to…..

grab as much cash as they can with a pair of chopsticks. It wasn’t as easy as I thought..

1st dance…

again obsessed with that one particular area…

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