Woodland Hills | Wedding Photography | Walter & Geraldine

The same day Jerry was shooting Darin and Stacey’s wedding, I was busy shooting Walter & Geraldine’s wedding. These guys are referrals from Juan and Claudia‘s wedding I shot a year ago! Yay for referrals!

This wedding was such a FAR drive, it’s out in woodland hills! I know there are plenty of you out there that say that’s nothing, but after you’ve been shooting a wedding for 10 hours, then drive more than an hour back home! That’s quite a drive!

But luckily for me I had a super cool couple to work with and they kept telling me how F-ing kick ass I was, so that helped a lot with the ego thing 😛 Check out the images!

Dress details…

I like this shot! Great flowers that day.

Kalen, my assistant / 2nd shooter / camera rack shot this one! You rock dude!

this one as well!

they had johnny depp as their limo drive. Too bad he didn’t come in the pirate costume!

me like this one…..looks like a soprano shot!

1st dance, such a lovely couple!

me like the foreground and background action!

get DOWN!

their band was so awesome!

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