San Diego | Wedding Photography | William & Cynthia

WHAT, another referral wedding? YES! This bride booked me over the phone from Manhattan, NY! Cynthia (or Cindy as she likes to confuse me…) is a cousin of Tina & Marcus so she has already seen my work and heard about how I shoot weddings so she was sold before calling me! yay, more of this kind please!!!

Anyhow, these guys actually had their wedding down in San Diego so I had my brother come along as the drive / 2nd shooter / formal picture taker! Cindy’s family LOVES to take pictures with their relatives since they do not get to see each other very often, so while I was upstairs taking pictures of Cindy getting ready, jerry was SOOOO swamped with all of the aunt and uncles requesting pictures! Thanks Jerry, you rock!

Ok, enough yapping, pictures please:

so nice!

good thing their master bathroom is big enough to fit 50 people (ok, 1/2 were reflections from the mirror!)

no mirror here!

beautiful Cindy


William didn’t look too bad either. I shot this image next to the window that they were doing to do their tea ceremony with and they totally though WT..Hell? But after I showed them they said…ahh…henry you do good! 🙂 me like complements!

tea ceremony (1 of many pictures taken 🙂

ahhh…outdoor look so killer!

Jerry shot this one…the lens flair is so nice!

Chinese themed restaurant

Thai blessing dance performed by the makeup and hair artists! These guys are so multi-talented.

Cindy enjoying Will’s speech

pretty decorations

Cindy’s cousin…..they jump well 🙂

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