Been away for too long…

Hello my blog readers, I know there are probably less and less of you guys “stalking” my BLOG since I haven’t updated anything since a little more than one month ago. But like always I will be back very shortly. As always, I like to provide some excuses for my long absence and I think this time it’ll hold it’s weight.

Since last post, I’ve:

Shot 4 weddings.

Had one of my server somewhat crap out on me (that holds ALL of the wedding day photography that I do right! But luckly, I have 2 backup servers setup so in an event like this, I just have to replace a few drives and avoid the cold sweating!).

Got a flat tire on the freeway (and it didn’t have a puncture or anything, just decided to give us problems. So after this experience when people tell me that they had a flat on the freeway and will be late, my first response won’t be Bullshit! anymore, because it’s a pain in the ass to get it changed and get back on the road).

Spending ~$800 for new set of tires (they were almost due for change. Good and Bad reviews for Costco, they had the $60 off 4 tires coupon so that was great, but the BAD part is after 6 hours of wait (i went back to work) they didn’t even took the time to properly put my spare tire back in it’s place!).

Spending $1300 more at the Acura dealer to fix the SRS light… a whole slew of others (Thanks JC for taking off some of that $, but hey, when I picked up the car, the plastic thing they put on the seat was still there along with the rest of the tags and floor junk! No “great”s on the telephone survey this time).

Entered a bunch of prints into my very first 8×10 print competition (fingers crossed, I totally procrastinated on this one too, almost didn’t make it for the deadline of the competition).

Getting ready to shoot my very 1st Destination Wedding in stunning Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!!!.

And did I mention my birthday is coming up this Sunday.

But I don’t think any celebration is happening soon for the big 29 (feeling old outside, still feel super young inside!) because I have a 12 hour wedding on the 27th at the Universal Hilton, then on Sunday the 28th, I have an engagement lunch to shoot in the morning(This couple is actually a real treat to shoot because I’m doing their wedding in June or July `08, but shot the bride’s sister’s wedding around 3 or 4 years ago, then after shooting that she referred around 5 or 6 brides to me so I love her for that!) then a sorority event to shoot from 3~9 in Tarzana. So……Happy Birthday to me! But I’ll probably get some celebration in after I come back from Cabo San Lucas because Megan’s birthday is 11/6, she’s turning 1! or as some parents would put it, 12 months, or 52 weeks, or 365 days…? Okay, I’m pushing it…

phew, such a long winded post, but hey I’ve been away for a while 🙂

So thanks for sticking around and I promise there will be more imagery created by yours truely very soon…ok, give me about a week!

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