Laguna Beach & Disney Concert Hall | Engagement Session | Kim & Tony

Alright, as promised in the previous post here is the e-Session of Kim & Tony, their wedding is on October 27, 2007, I was already booked for that date before they came in so we settled on the next best thing, an e-Session! For the, we went all out and did it in 2 different locations: Laguna Beach and also Disney Concert Hall. It was the very first time for me to shoot there so I was looking forward to this session very much! Oh, and these guys also came back into the studio to do some bridal shots as well…enjoy:

Starting it off with a kiss…


Kim insisted that she could pick up Tony…..

but Tony showed her the correct way. Check out that wave behind them!

nice… like this one 🙂

this couple was the 1st one that automatically assumed the position without any prompting….nice!

1st jump

Disney Concert Hall….such beauty

Jenny hard at work!

love it!

Kim showing us how it’s done!



2nd jump

bridal stuff @ the Mission

the hot couple

congrats Tony & Kim!

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