back to work! back to work!!!

I know I’ve been lagging on posting here for a while…..but oh are you guys going to be in for a treat!

I’ve just finished a 4 day back to back shooting spree….. It started on September 13th with a engagement session in Laguna Beach (again…i know) AND somewhere new in Downtown LA…stay tuned.

Then on the 14th another e-session in Long Beach at CSULB and Seal Beach and with Shrek! (or shrekie as Jimelle puts it!)

After that, I did a wedding in Woodland Hills w/ my new assistant/aspiring 2nd shooter Kalen. This wedding very special and unique to me because the bride and groom kept telling me how F*ing hard i rock! So that was nice to hear 🙂 Also, this wedding is a referral from Juan and Claudia, Walter…aka Wally is a co-worker of Juan at Kaiser so they already felt super comfortable way I shoot!

And lastly, we had this super nice couple’s wedding down in beautiful San Diego, and besides the extra driving (which I made my super-duper brother do….while I slept!) it was so much fun because I ended up knowing a bunch of people here too. The bride is a referral from Tina and Marcus, well actually it’s Tina’s Cousin’s Cousin….don’t ask, they have sooo many cousins!

whoooooo! I guess my word of mouth isn’t half bad 🙂

okay, enough blabbin’ I already have the 1st e-session edited so hopefully I will have that up for all your viewing pleasure very shortly!

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