Los Angeles Arboretum Wedding Photographer | Jinny and Michael

I had a lot of fun being the wedding photographer for this wedding that had their rose garden wedding ceremony in Arcadia at the Los Angeles County Arboretum because there were lots of familiar faces as well as lots of cool people. Also, I had a good (and hot) time also being a wedding coordinator for them before their ceremony. They were so busy setting up other things for their wedding ceremony that they didn’t have a plan of how the ceremony was going to start and who was giving which people queue’s to begin their parts….(sounds confusing…it was!) But it all worked out great! Also, this was another referral wedding! Michael’s sister is Katie, which was a bride of mine from…….oh……..let me think back………um……August 2005 (who….has been so busy with work has not made the time to finish their ALBUM!). Also, I have shot Katie’s husband Bo’s sister’s wedding Carolina and John late last year. By the way, you’ll see lots of Bo in many of the pictures in this post(get out of my way Bo!…hehe)

Ok, back to the wedding. They had a traditional tea ceremony at both Jinny and Michael’s homes and then headed off to the Arboretum for a quick portrait session before heading over to their ceremony at the rose garden of the Arboretum. After the H-O-T ceremony, every headed off to Prince Seafood in Cerritos for the wedding reception (my old home town….I miss Cerritos)!  Take a look below for their wedding photos.

Beautiful home of Jinny!

Nice waterfall in the back next to the pool next to the jacuzzi next to the proposed tennis court….(me jealous!)

Jinny getting ready

Lovely bride!

Michael working the door….

Dad getting his flower pinned on from Jinny (dads are always so serious….when Megan gets married i’m going to be cracking jokes left and right…..ok, maybe)

Their ride….NICE!

love this one…..notice the moms in th refelection….

guys got cool shoes too….i think the on in the middle is Jordan 11’s?

Squirrels are fun to shoot (if they stay still!)

I seem to love this pose! Always looks so romantic, emotional…….

…here comes the bride…

Bridesmaids couldn’t wait to get out of the sun!

Cute favors…

Girls putting their last minute touches to the speech

look, it’s Bo!

1st dance


Progressive Garter belt removal…? Everyone loved it….except michael?

now the real thing. You guys did great, congrats!

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