People actually read my BLOG!!!

I didn’t realize so many people read my blog….i feel so….read-ed? Thanks!

Okay, a quick update to one of the previous posts that I put up here, the wedding of Shirley and David. For the first picture, I said that I had no clue what those vietnamese words infront of her house meant, and thanks to Shirley for reading my posts and also letting me know what that ment. Here is the e-mail she sent me:

PS. We read your blog! It’s so cool to see your pictures of us there, and by the
way, the sign at the entrance of our house “VU QUY” in Vietnamses means that this is the bride’s house, it signifies that the bride is leaving her family to go with the groom…just thought you’d like to know in case it pops up again at your next Vietnamese photo shoot!

Thanks girl! I feel smarter now 🙂

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