what? I have a blog?

Oh, almost forgot about this place! I’ve been so busy being daddy that I barely have enough time to……um……..blog?

Anyways, it seems like everytime I forgot to post I say how busy I am and how much busier I’m getting. So can someone’s busy-ness grow infinitely? Or is it just some BS excuse I use? I guess only Jenny and my mommy really knows 🙂

I promise, before the end of the week I’ll be posting some of the weddings I show in november and december `06.

—just another quick embarassing personal note—

i’m a total sterotype breaker for asians 🙂 Our studio manager just came in and said something…and in chinese there is a phrase that kinda means “don’t give a ****” and it says 3-7-21 (kinda like the multiplication table). So being a smart ass that I am, I began to say 4×7=28, 5×7=???? It totally escaped me!!! me can’t do no math!

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