Kenneth & Virginia, Palos Verdes June 23, 2007

Ok, this post is probably going to be the LONGEST post w/ the most amount of pictures. But I REALLY tried getting it down to smaller amount of images, but trust me, I tried and this is the least I can post w/o missing too much from the wedding!

Now, before we get started, check out this handsome fella! Kyle, you’re a cute big baby………I know this girl, her name is Megan she is SOOO cute ….maybe…… nah…. maybe in a few more years! All kidding aside, this cute baby is the child of Stella and Anthony, I shot her wedding back in….2004(if i’m not mistaken) and Stella also happens to be my good High School friend! And I guess I did ok for her wedding….because we ended up shooting the wedding of her two other sistes! YAY!!!

striking a pose for the camera!

Kyle’s ready for FOOD!

Ok, now to the wedding part of the day! These guys may look familiar to you guys if you’ve been reading this AWESOME blog for a while. If not, no worries, you can check out their E-session that I did back in October `06. But I’ve been looking forward to shooting this wedding because I heard that their sign in thingy is going to be a snowboard!!! Bet you no one else you know has done that….right? Well, I think I’ll leave the pictures to tell the story, since there are so many of them this time. But I just wanted to say that I was so glad to be a part of this beautiful wedding because it was so so very true and very just gotta say the ceremony made me wipe my eyes more than once or twice like normal great weddings! For this one I couldn’t even pretend that I wasn’t crying (okay getting watery eyes…) just by holding the camera up to my eyes. I had to actually wipe! Your ceremony was so lovely and it represents the persons you are! It was my pleasure shooting you guys! Now on with the pictures:

Daphne giving Virginia a hand

Angela puting on finishing touches for the beautiful bride

Grandpa with Kyle

beautiful dress

beautiful bride

beautiful drinks…….?

Kenneth AKA Kenny getting ready

on fire!!

This wedding is close to being sponsored by DC Shoes!

they had this at Tim’s place (where the guys got ready!)

Kenny arriving at the venue

she’s coming……he looks like he’s ready!

guys have sexy flowers too! By the way, beautiful flower arrangements are by FlowerMart


guys had matching kicks!

Angels, Virginia, Stella! All Henry’s “Brides”!

Virginia being silly!

details galore!!! (rock candy name cards, wedding cake, main table setting, strawberries, table setting, and party favors (one of them)!

3 different kinds, 6 different flavors! Sweet!


Snowboard got security!


All place cards, invitations, programs, and other kick ass printing items provided by DesignsByYu

the boys

love it!



so much details………..mmmmm!

um…late comers get to stand 🙂

sand ceremony….careful, don’t spill any!

super sweet but ultra short first kiss!

yaay! Mr. & Mrs. Yee!

Jenny and My name’s in there some where!

nice reflections

so pretty!

for some reason I like this thingy alot

kenny is so funny…..he wanted everyone to be hitting their plates!


i dunno?

put candy in favor holder….eat, refill!

kenny wanted more!

good for you man!

slideshow time


Eugine from Zuno provided the kick ass music & MC’ing. Shirley provided the kick ass flowers!

Henry from here provided the KICK ASS photos…..hehe (had to do it!)

the end.

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