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Such kind words…

Sorry, but I really have to share this with all of you. Linda, thanks so much for leaving such kind comments about my work, I feel I mustView full post »

The Reef Long Beach | Wedding Photography | Linda & Koon

Ok, as promised the wedding blogging continues 🙂 Linda and Koon may look familiar to some of you readers of my blog because I did aView full post »

yay, footage of me working!

Hey everyone, I promise there will be more weddings coming! I’ve been so busy shooting e-sessions that don’t really give me anyView full post »

Kenneth & Virginia, Palos Verdes June 23, 2007

Ok, this post is probably going to be the LONGEST post w/ the most amount of pictures. But I REALLY tried getting it down to smallerView full post »

yay! Updated my BLOG :)

I’ve been wanting to put some nice looking at the top of my blog but has been too stupid to figure out where to set it up so I couldView full post »

Beverly Hills Courthouse Wedding Photographer

Beverly Hills Court House & Adamson House Malibu | Wedding Photography | Elodie & George

This wedding was kind of a last minute booking for me. But to my amazement, they were referred by Iwei as well! SO SWEET! Iwei, I owe youView full post »

Laguna Beach Tivoli Terrace Wedding Photographer

Tivoli Terrace & Ayres Hotel Laguna Beach | Wedding Photography | Toby & Elissa

The wedding of Toby & Elissa was a referral from my previous bride Iwei (and David). And I had a blast shooting these guys! They hadView full post »


3 new posts…..time to take a break! I should have a few more ready for you guys in a week or so….I’ll be back! ShareView full post »

Yvonne and Zeno’s Wedding

Lovely wedding of Yvonne and Zeno, June 1, 2007. I’ve finally finished the alphabet, I’ve done the wedding of Y & Z! TheyView full post »