whoa….we must have been REALLY jetlagged…

last post was March 24, tomorrow will be April 14….so what have been doing the past few weeks? Shooting! and Booking! Two of the favorite things that I get to do with my job 🙂 Then went to Vegas TWICE…no, I don’t need help quitting gambling! I was there first time for the WPPI and DWF convention, then just this wednesday was there for the Las Vegas Market for bridal dresses. Just in case you guys don’t already know, we’re not just a photography place…we have a full line of wedding dresses, evening dresses, chinese traditional gowns, and dresses for prom!

I only shot one wedding since I came back from Paris, but I’ve shot probably 2 or 3 Sorority Formals from UCI and USC (i think…) Those are pretty fun because I get to shoot lots of young kids that kinda (i said kinda) make me feel young(er). Believe it or not, we have been shooting sorority and fraternity formals from the AGC (Asian Green Council…..don’t ask me what that means or stand for…) and when we first started out, we were probably about the same age or younger than much of the people we were shooting, but now…….. <> I still feel like i’m young like them…but then i realize that I’m daddy now, much much older…

Anyhow…enough babbling…I will gather up the remaining pictures from my Paris trip and post them up ASAP because I’ve got other cool pictures to show you guys!

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