Laguna Beach Orange County | Engagement Session | Hong & Kenny

Okay, double posts today 🙂 And both are engagement/bridal sessions that I’ve shot. Now, if you’ve read the previous post you know that Koon & Linda was pretty fun to shoot…but these guys, Kenny & Hong were even more kick ass!!! (well, at least Hong did better than Kenny…except for the constant blink-age)

We worked real hard with this couple, the forecast was clear and sunny and that’s what we got…and more! We had some killer clouds that kinda was a concern for Kenny when we drove there…but I assured him that some clouds are our “friends”….you’ll see when you scroll down 🙂 But back to the story, these guys worked real hard…woke up at 4am, get ready, drive from the OC to Temple City arriving at 5 before 6am to get hair and makeup done….me and my assistant Suki came into the studio at around 7:45am to help Kenny change into his tux and all…left for the beautiful Laguna Beach at around 8:30am arriving at 9:30ish. Then it’s off to work. But right before I started shooting I remember one thing…..SUNSCREEN! Yes, I ended up getting REALLY rosy cheeks….(me so cute?)

That’s about it….maybe too much details?….well….I’m a man of too many words sometimes…hehe! Ok, scroll down to see the nice weather…and the cute couple 🙂

Hong and Kenny! What a cute couple 🙂

rabbit! rabbit!

doggy! doggy!

such heavenly weather….(oops forgot to get rid of the ugly sign…..just exclude that from your vision please…!)

super sweet…

see the awesome weather they got! probably the best I’ve seen in a few years

so good that i had to get a (detail) shot of the clouds




ooooh… this shot! Super funny shot too…I kept telling kenny to kiss her, but he thougth i said “spin her” ….and Hong was laughing so hard her sides were hurting!

rich doggy family….driving a benz!

it don’t get too much more awesome-er than this!

somewhat corny pose……but everyone love it… henry shoots to please 🙂

one of my fav poses to do…(if you read the blog often you’d know)

Thanks Hong and Kenny for your kind words:

Hi Henry!!
Thank you for making the photo shoot at Laguna Beach soo enjoyable. I was laughing so hard my side ached that was so much fun! You and Suki are awesome! Can’t wait til see the pictures this sunday :-D!

  • cheryl - Hi Henry,

    I seriously think that you need to switch from shooting couples to animals. They’re sweeter.


  • Hong - Thanks Henry Wang! I love love the pictures!ReplyCancel

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