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I’m almost up to date with my wedding posts. Hopefully after I get all cought up, I can post some other stuff beside onlyView full post »

every post is slow……

I don’t think blogger is helping! It seems like every post I make takes forever to show up!!!UGH!!! ShareView full post »

August 12, 2006 Wedding of Wayne & Lorriaine

Jerry, my brother, SHOOTS! While I was shooting Katie and Kelly’s wedding, Jerry was busy shooting this really warm and small weddingView full post »

August 12, 2006 Wedding of Katie and Kelly

Katie and Kelly’s wedding’s NOT a same sex wedding……just incase you’re wondering! Katie is super sweet andView full post »

2nd part of Katie & Kelly's Wedding

Katie made her way down the aisle to Kelly The Kiss They’re definately bringing SEXYback! ShareView full post »


i’ve tried more than 5 times to post the 2nd part of Katie and Kelly’s wedding…..but……when I try to post it,View full post »

3rd part of Katie & Kelly's Wedding

Cocktail Hour…. Party favor with Thank You Cards from Lucy’s Photography Cake and Toasting Flutes 🙂 The bestman Victor, sangView full post »

July 22, 2006 Wedding of John & Ay Ling

This couple was sort of a last minute booking, I believe the booked me about 2 weeks prior to their wedding. When John and Ay Ling came toView full post »

San Gabriel Hilton Wedding Photographer

San Gabriel Hilton & Mission | Wedding Photography | Latitia & Terry

Latitia and Terry were so easy to work with because they know what they want and I gave them what they wanted AND with time to spare 🙂View full post »